Saturday, July 4, 2015

Michael W Meissner - Sports Fisherman - Home

Michael W Meissner is an avid Sports Fisherman.                              

Michael William Meissner at North Lake, Colorado August 23, 2020

Mike Meissner & Lone Skov at North Lake Colorado August 23, 2020

Michael William Meissner at Martin Reservoir, Lathrop State Park Colorado August 21, 2020

Michael William Meissner Grouper Fishing in Marquesas.

Michael William Meissner Trout Fly Fishing in Cotapaxi, Colorado on the Arkansas River.

Michael William Meissner Porch Fishing for Sea Travel at home in Jamaica Beach, Galveston Island, Texas.

Michael William Meissner Bass Fishing at Pueblo Reservoir, Colorado

Michael William Meissner Reef Fishing with Ramon in Key Caulker, Belize, Central America.

Michael William Meissner Shark Fishing in Marquesas, Florida.

Michael William Meissner Fly Fishing in Salida, Colorado.

Michael William Meissner Reef Fishing with Captain Johnny Payne in Key West, Florida

Mike and Captain Johnny Snapper of the Good Ship Boo-Ya

Michael William Meissner Mackeral Fishing in Key Largo, Florida.


From the back porch at Jamaica Beach, Texas USA

Jamaica Beach Lost & Found

Rainbow over the Canal, Jamaica Beach, Texas USA

 Fishing the Salt Marsh, Matagorda Island
Surf Fishing at San Juan Pass



Take A Kid Fishing Program #TakeAKidFishing

Dad (Fred Franke Meissner) was an avid fisherman and a firm believer in the Take A Kid Fishing Program. Dad or Tyke as he was known with my brother Mark H. Meissner

My Dad taught us to appreciate fishing's ability to provide food for the table. Below my brother Mark and my sister Susy examine my dads quarry which provided plenty of food for the whole family for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus feed the neighbors.

Mom (Jackie Lea Meissner) was also a life long fisherman who learned to fish as a kid

Me in 1971 with our catch.

Michael Meissner Fly Tying the Billie Baleu Streamer.